At the heart of why Jazzles works - The Science of Music and Song

*Jazzles incorporates neuroscience-proven memory enhancers, so the learning is faster.

 * When songs get ‘stuck in our heads’ so we hear it, even when it’s not playing, we automatically practice and remember every word!. This is singing memory power for verbal language( including the processing of linguistic syntax)

* Key changes or breaks in the pattern of music as in syncopated music with strong rhythms (like latin rhythms heavily used in Jazzles)  literally ‘light up’ our brains.

* One third of our brain is dedicated to visualization,

  • If a movie has subtitles, we automatically focus on reading the text - before the images!

More about Singing and Music

When we sing, our bodies release hormones that relieve anxiety and stress.

When a group of people sing together, their heartbeats actually synchronise with each other.

Music creates emotion and makes us want to move.

 Music improves our auditory capabilities.

 Music changes our brain's plasticity. It makes us smarter.

Music activates every corner of our mind and body, making it a whole -nervous-system activity.

A 2007 PISA ( OECD) study, showed levels of 'engagement' was the single factor that differentiated the nations with the highest and lowest levels of student achievement. 


Pre K Teacher Testimonials

"One of my students cried today because we didn't have time for Jazzles, I mean real tears. I will make sure that never happens again. They love all the songs and we are working with letter 'Nn' currently. Jazzles has made a difference in my program, and the kids request it, sometimes even with tears!!"

"My goal is to have my children love books, reading and school. My kids also tend to enter school with a limited vocabulary, so vocabulary building is high on the list of goals. Jazzles absolutely helps me reach my goals!"

"Thanks for helping my kids have wonderful memories of their PK3 year. I know they will remember all the wonderful Jazzles songs. You are able to see how the children have changed from shy, unsure 3 year olds to confident 'big' kids."

ESL Testimonials

"I have found Jazzles to be of inestimable value when teaching English language learners. The students ask to sing songs again and again. We act out the songs and also investigate the meanings of particular words. We look at weird pronunciations and also look at phonemes. I have used these songs over and over again, and each time we look for something different in the songs. This is an excellent program which I would highly recommend!" - ESL teacher 4th and 5th grade newcomers


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Learning English with Jazzles in Japan

Learning English with Jazzles in Japan