lesley's environmental sea songs

Lesley Beth’s  jazzy, sea-rhythmic songs are unlike most ‘children's music’ out there. With all the songs mature in content as well as style, everyone moves to the awesomely beautiful music and emotive lyrics that inspire love and care for our sea friends and their environment.




Lesley is a recipient of Honorable Mentions by American Songwriter Magazine and LyricAwards.com for her poignant environmental song 'While Watching Wales'.

From over 11,000 entries, Lesley's humorous 'Swishy Friends' song (about being a fish in a 'fish' school) was nominated a Semi-Finalist in the 2004 International Songwriting Competition. The ISC features the most prestigious panel of judges in the world of songwriting contests.

Lesley's Underwater Songs website includes high definition video clips with subtitles ingeniously edited to amazingly engaging underwater footage!, and mp3s to motivate with the added value of her beautifully illustrated printable song lyric and project pages.  

Escaping into a world where fins and tails move to the ebb and flow of sea-rhythmic music , these songs have been proven to engage and calm children.